New Yorkers: No smokes, no fats, no salt? Enough already! 紐約客:禁菸、無脂肪、無鹽? 夠了吧!


New Yorkers may like “Mayor Mike” but are less certain they want him playing the role of “Mayor Mom.”

A new poll shows the Big Apple’s denizens are divided over City Hall’s efforts to correct their bad habits, which in recent years has included bans on trans fats and smoking in bars, as well as drives to cut consumption of salt and sugary soda.

While nearly six in 10 New York voters would prefer to live in a building where no one is allowed to smoke, more than half of those polled say City Hall should not pressure building owners to ban indoor smoking, a Quinnipiac University poll showed on May 11.

When asked whether the government should discourage unhealthy eating and drinking habits, 45 percent said it should while 48 percent said the government should not get involved.

“New York City voters have a love-hate relationship with ’Nanny Government,’” said Maurice Carroll, director of the Quinnipiac poll.










1. the Big Apple n. phr.

紐約市的暱稱 (niu3 yue1 shi4 de5 ni4 cheng1)

例: We spent the weekend in the Big Apple.


2. denizen n.

居民 (ju1 min2)

例: Fish are denizens of the sea.


3. love-hate adj.

愛恨交織的;又愛又恨的 (ai4 hen4 jiao1 zhi1 de5; you4 ai4 you4 hen4 de5)

例: Bob has a love-hate relationship with his mother.



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