Main stadium ready for World Games 2009 in Kaohsiung


The main stadium for the World Games 2009 in Kaohsiung was unveiled last Sunday after more than two years of hard work.



"The facility will be officially known as the National Stadium under the Sports Affairs Council (SAC)," said SAC Minister Tai Hsia-ling at an unveiling ceremony.



As a result of an online public vote, Tai said, the stadium will also have a Chinese nickname "long teng (flying dragon)" because it sounds almost like "long term" in English.

戴暇齡表示,根據網路命名票選,體育館的別名將取為「龍騰」,因為聽起來就像英文「Long term」(長久)的意思。


Built at a cost of NT$5 billion, the stadium has been certified by the International Association of Athletics Federations as a first-class sports arena, Tai said.



"We are proud to have this stadium because it is outfitted with first-class equipment and devices, including photovoltaic panels for energy conservation and environmental protection purposes," Tai said.



Noting that the stadium was designed by Toyo Ito, a world-renowned Japanese architect, Tai said it will become a new landmark in Kaohsiung.


Sunday's unveiling ceremony included a religious ritual, a dragon dance and a ribbon-cutting event.



The Kaohsiung City government will sponsor a grand concert today to celebrate the completion of the stadium. The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and the Vienna State Opera Chorus will perform in the concert.





By 中央社,台灣英文新聞



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